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Many development experts, social scientists, policymakers and thinkers believe that youth in the world holds a great promise for the survival of the currently endangered human civilization.
At the same time, youths are often misunderstood, misrepresented, misinterpreted and sometimes even ignored and hated by some including parents. There is, therefore, a continuous need for explaining, clarifying and restating the content significance and relevance of the position of youths or status quo of youths on very many issues, which are of vital importance for the world community or mankind. The present book is a humble effort towards this purpose.
Through its eight essays, this book discusses youth development and views on wide-ranging highly topical themes such as Mahatma�s vision of youth. New millennium and youth, Sarvodaya and youth, Community service and youth, Village camp for youth, Youth affairs 2000, National youth policy and programmes for youth development and peace along with donor organisations supporting the activities under the umbrella of youth development. The essays under the book carry the important messages and value experiences of the author, which would enable any reader to visualize and bring out a framework of action for channelising the energy of youths.
This book will serve as an important useful reading for the graduate and postgraduate students of social work, scholars, teachers, youth coordinators, national service volunteers, United Nations volunteers, Commonwealth youth programme experts, policymakers, government officials and administrators of youth development. However, it would be of particular interest to all those who are working for discovering the power of youths and the content of the paradigm of youth development.

Youth Development in the New Millennium

SKU: 9788171416646
  • S. Narayanasamy
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