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Discovery is a publishing and general trading group operating in the region of New Delhi (INDIA) since 1983. We provide high quality, cost effective and sustainable solutions, tailored to the needs of our customers. We work in partnerships with sophisticated customers and suppliers who value the highest levels of quality, safety and technical expertise. The group is headed by Managing Director Mr. TILAK WASAN who has been in this sector for well over three decades.

Following are the products specialized by our company:


  • Home furnishing products (Bed Sheets, Blankets, Cushions Covers, Pillows, Place Mats,

  • Table Mats, Bath Rugs, Towels etc.)

  • Footwears.

  • Sandals and Slippers.

  • Leather Bags and Other Leather Products.

  • Sports Equipments.

  • Academic Books, Children Books, Body Charts, Maps, Science Charts, Stationeries

  • (Staplers, Pens, Markers etc.)

  • Safety Shoes, Safety Suits, Safety Helmets.

  • Medical Surgical Equipments.

  • Food Products.

  • Pen/Marker Boards, Pin Boards, Notice Boards and Other Educational Teaching Aids.

  • Toys and Other General Gift Items.

  • Laptops, Phone Instruments etc.

The company generally undertakes export tenders to serve all above mentioned products at very competitive prices.

Our company has outstanding approach that builds long-terms relationships with his customers, based on his values of openness, mutual understanding, professional delivery, sustainable, profitable growth and innovations. We aim to deliver reliable, responsible growth over the long term.

QUALITY POLICY: A high and consistent quality standard for our products is of highest importance, to meet the demands of our customers. Through close and active relations with our customers, we meet market needs and work for future development.

CUSTOMERS RELATIONS: We assume our customer as God for us. We shall develop long term and active relations with our customers, satisfy their needs and offer best possible service. To achieve this our understanding of customer needs and requirements is essential.

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