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In this context, an edited book on �Youth and Tribal Empowerment� has brought out for wider dissemination. This book consists of some selected papers which were compiled and contributed by the distinguish scholars and academicians in this field. This book consists of 22 papers on the following themes.
1.Youth Employment & Empowerment;
2.Youth and Health Awareness;
3.Youth and Nation Building; and
4.Tribal Education and Empowerment
The merit of this volume lies in a contemporary relevance of the subject and a vast varieity of topics covered. Distinguished academicians and scholars from all over the country have contributed their wisdom in a logically arranged sequence and explained the theoretical and practical aspects in this field.
We believe that this book will be immensely significant and useful for the researchers and academicians in the field of youth and tribal empowerment. This volume would prove immensely beneficial.

Youth and Tribal Empowerment

SKU: 9789350564684
  • Y. Bhaskaracharyulu
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