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his book is a research study on generation of employment opportunities for rural women through sericulture in the Rayalaseema Region of Andhra Pradesh State. Rayalaseema Region is popularly known for serve drought conditions and the activities like sericulture are having very high growth potential in these areas. Since, sericulture provides gainful employment to women in agriculture and industrial sectors it has occupied a significant place in the area development strategies and programmes of the government of India as well as the state government of Andhra Pradesh.
This book highlights the role of women in various activities involved in raising mulberry crop and rearing of silk worms. This research study supports the argument that sericulture is a highly profitable income generating activity to elevate the status of rural poor especially women.
This book also provides adequate information support, both primary and secondary nature, and technical analysis of statistical data, which helps the research scholars and students of agriculture, sericulture and other related disciplines in their research as well as academic pursuits.

Women in Sericulture

SKU: 9788183560986
  • G.S. Rani

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