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Veterinary mycology plays a vital role not only fighting against life-threatening diseases affecting livestock but also maintaining public safety concerning human health. Having solid knowledge regarding common pathogenic agents enables prompt diagnoses, treatment decisions, and reduction cross-contamination occurrences. Realizing symptomatic expressions, sources of infection, and signs are critical factors when tackling emerging and long-standing syndromes. This book is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of fungal diseases in animals, enabling veterinarians and students to properly diagnose and treat such infections. It aims to explore various aspects of fungal pathogens, including their classification, pathogenesis, and epidemiology in different animal species. The book also seeks to highlight the importance of early detection and prevention methods in controlling these diseases within veterinary clinics or farms.

Veterinary Mycology

SKU: 9788119677580
  • M. Srivastava

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