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Urban geology as a field is undergoing significant changes in response to the challenges posed by growing cities. Efforts towards sustainable development, utilization of green infrastructure, technological advancements in data collection, and addressing climate change impacts are some of the current trends shaping urban geology research. The book seeks to offer in- depth explanations regarding the formation and impacts of features like underground water systems, rock types found beneath cities, and their potential for resource extraction. Furthermore, it aspires to shed light on seismic hazards that can affect urban areas and explores strategies for seismic risk reduction. By examining case studies from diverse cityscapes globally, it strives to present insights into urban heat island effects caused by specific geological properties. Urban Geology also endeavors to assess methods for sustainable use of land resources within an urban setting. By studying soil characteristics such as fertility levels or contamination risks due to industrial activities prevalent in cities, it provides guidance for environmentally conscious decision-making. Therefore, this comprehensive reference tool aspires not only to educate geologists but also architects, engineers, policymakers; anyone interested in fostering resilient contemporary communities by integrating earth science principles into urban planning processes worldwide.

Urban Geology

SKU: 9788119677467
  • Philip Carvalho

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