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The present book contains the folktales of six major Indian tribes namely Bhil, Barela, Korku, Munda, Oraon and Santal collected through extensive field work. The Santal, Bhil, and Oraon form the three major tribal groups according to population. The Barela constitutes a mixed tribe of Bhil and non-tribal Rajput (upper caste Hindu) population. The Munda tribe has its origin in the South-East Asia according to genetic drift theory. The Korku tribesmen claim to have originated from the Naga tribe of Mahabharata period. However, they worship Ravana the enemy of mythological character Rama of Ramayana period. 

Tribal Folktales of India (A Study in Anthropological Perspective)

SKU: 9789350563571
  • Sarita Sahay

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