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Immunosensors are like superheroes for public health, helping us detect things quickly and accurately. They are particularly useful in areas like healthcare, food safety, and environmental monitoring.
The demand for sensitive, rapid, and on-site techniques has driven the exploration of microfluidics and nanotechnology in the field of immunosensors. This book dives deep into the latest research on immunoassay methods that use electrochemical detection. It focuses on analyzing samples from the environment and medical diagnostics, highlighting recent breakthroughs, obstacles, and emerging trends. The book also explores the technical aspects of immunosensor development, including how biomolecules interact, techniques for immobilization, simplifying testing procedures, understanding immunointeration and catalytic studies, and even shrinking the size of these systems. Therefore, it�s an exciting exploration of how immunoassay methods can revolutionize various fields for the betterment of public health.

Trends and Perspectives in Immunosensors

SKU: 9788119365371
  • Conrad Pippin

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