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The descriptions of tree species found in taxonomic studies provide valuable morphological information for the family, although the number of genera may vary depending on the classification system employed. Continuous monitoring and management of trees are essential to guide successional processes and maintain species and habitat diversity.This book �Tree Morphology & Taxonomy� covers a wide range of topics related to plant morphology, encompassing anatomy and histology across various systematic groups of extant and fossil taxa. It emphasizes the significance and integrative nature of morphological research. Understanding the evolutionary history of plants heavily relies on paleobotanical research, which is entirely dependent on morphological analyses. Recent advancements in the field, such as the application of phylogenetic methods and non-destructive techniques like micro X-ray computed tomography, have greatly enhanced our ability to analyze fossils in detail. Notably, the examination of charcoalified mesofossils, which often exhibit exceptional preservation of structural details, has garnered significant interest in recent years. This book is intended for researchers, scientists, and students specializing in plant biology, botany, paleobotany, and related fields.

Tree Morphology and Taxonomy

SKU: 9788119523665
  • Toni Jansohn

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