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The book aims to shed light on the changing landscape of the travel and tourism industry worldwide. It recognizes the industry as a major economic sector, contributing to growth, job creation, social development, and even peace. Countless individuals rely on the sector for their livelihoods, particularly in island economies where it may be the primary source of employment.The book acknowledges the diversity within the travel and tourism industry, encompassing millions of companies and employers, ranging from global travel brands to small-scale tour operators and hostel owners. Collectively, these entities possess a powerful voice that should be recognized and heard at all levels of society and government. It highlights the importance of collaboration and cooperation within the industry to address common challenges and advocate for its interests.Moreover, the book aims to formulate new principles and approaches for managing the operations of tourism enterprises. It emphasizes the concept of the experience economy, which focuses on providing unique and memorable experiences for consumers. Motivational techniques, increased competition in the travel services market, and rising consumer expectations are identified as key drivers for embracing this concept.

Travel and Tourism Operations

SKU: 9788119365685
  • Christopher Stanislaus

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