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Theoretical chemistry has shed light on the elusive details of catalytic reaction mechanisms, confirming or disproving proposed theories. It has greatly contributed to our understanding of the intricate relationship between structure and function in these enzymes.
Given the vastness of the natural world and the constant discovery of new habitats, organisms, and enzymes, it is reasonable to anticipate that theoretical chemistry will continue to play a pivotal role in unraveling the captivating chemistry of molybdenum and tungsten enzymes for the foreseeable future.In light of the significance of theoretical chemistry in advancing our understanding of molecular science, the book �Theoretical Chemistry� has been compiled. This book features a collection of papers that delve into the realms of mathematical, computational, and quantum chemistry. Its purpose is to elucidate the theoretical concepts encountered by researchers and practitioners as they apply theory to the study of molecules. By providing a platform for the dissemination of theoretical advancements, the book aims to foster a deeper appreciation and comprehension of the theoretical underpinnings of chemistry.

Theoretical Chemistry

SKU: 9788119365166
  • Romayne Lewis

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