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The book is The Short Stories of Sherwood Anderson - A Thematic Study explores Sherwood Anderson as a prolific, profound, provocative and perceptive writer of short stories. Some of the more pronounced themes of Sherwood Anderson are human loneliness and isolation, inarticulateness and failure of communication, thwarted potential, frustrated, defeated, unfulfilled and unlived lives, longing for and loss of love, sex and repression because of taboos, grotesques, outmoded conventions and false notions, breakdown of human relationships, the dichotomy between appearance and reality, confusion of value, search for enduring values in a materialistic world, goal and purpose of life, adolescents growth and maturity, artist�s sense of alienation in a commercial setup etc.

The Short Stories of Sherwood Anderson�A Thematic Study

SKU: 9789350565087
  • B. Mohan

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