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Today education is computer savvy. Education became easier with the help of IT. IT has helped the students for e-learning. Any type of learning can be available in internet. So, many courses of higher education became on-line. So, except computer, no education is advantageous. Education became vocationalised which needs computer relation with the
subject. Many of courses are opening day by day and more and more research is going on for the development of IT. Now, every thing is 'e' i.e. electronic which is related to computer and internet. In every sphere of life, the solution is in internet. Internet is assistant, teacher, friend, entertainer, guide and so on for any body. Even government is running through internet called as eGovernance. Education became eEducation, Business became eBusiness, banking transactions can be made as eBanking, etc. So, education of Information Technology became a necessity for all. For the sake of reader, this book has been developed. It also be helpful for the students undergoing courses like PGDCA, BCA, BBA, BES, BMS, BSc-IT/CS/CA, BA (Econ/Comm.), MCA, MSc-IT/CS/SW Engg., etc., MBA, PGDBM, PGDBA, PGDM, etc. Now, Government of India made IT as a compulsory paper in degree courses, most of the universities are adopting it. In several state governments the college courses are became dual i.e. technical qualification like e-commerce, IT, Electronic & Telecommuni-cation, etc. with university certifications.

Textbook of Managerial Computing

SKU: 9788183569224
  • R.L. Panigrahy

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