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The present book is aimed to identify the importance of education in the human life. The main aim of the present book is to find out the impact of education on different fields. The book was touched all the field like Health, Poverty, Assessment, Violence, Illiteracy, Alcoholism, Medicine, Education, Teacher Education, Higher Education, Special Education, Professional Education, Female Education, Adult Education, Values, Ethics, Management, Culture, Research, Privatization, Globalization, Technology, Transportation, Schools, Colleges, Banks and Organizations. The present book is more useful not only for students but also for teachers.

Teacher Education for 21st Century

SKU: 9788183567275
  • Author: N. Amareswaran

    ISBN: 9788183567275

    Subject: EDUCATION

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2011

    Reprinted: 2016

    Pages: 296

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