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The current scenario where we are reaching to next level of increased population (8 billion) and due to increased demand of supplies, the waste generation is so high and being increasing day by day. Hence, we need to adopt zero waste policy everywhere. In this connection, the current waste management practices required to modify and adopt some new techniques for waste management and reduction at source for better environment and future sustainability. Here in this book, we have presented carbon footprint of coal-based power plants; application of environmental biotechnological tools; bioremediation and biodegradation technologies; coal consumption, ash generation and its utilization; e-waste and its management; environment friendly technologies; penalty and incentive mechanisms for coal-based power plants; plastic waste disposal and role of microorganisms; safe use of wastewater in agriculture; solid wastes and their sustainable management practices; agro-residue generation and availability for power sector.

Sustainable Practices for Waste Management

SKU: 9789388854665
  • Author: Ashok K. Rathoure

    ISBN: 9789388854665


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2021

    Pages: 192

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