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Sport psychology is a field that has evolved over time, closely paralleling the development of other disciplines such as psychology, physical education, and kinesiology. It has been shaped by various sociocultural trends, including the growth of the Olympic movement, the professionalization of sports, and the women's liberation movement. As sport psychology has progressed through different eras, it has become a dynamic and continually advancing field. The history of sport psychology can be divided into several major time periods, with each period marked by significant contributions and advancements. These periods include the early years, the establishment of academic programs, the emergence of applied sport psychology, and the integration of sport psychology into mainstream psychology.This book presents a thrilling exploration of the intricate web woven between the human psyche and the realm of sports. It is intended to unravel the enigma of how our mental state can wield such profound power over our athletic endeavors. From the towering heights of triumphant victories to the depths of agonizing defeats, the study of sports psychology illuminates the invisible threads that connect our minds to the arena of performance. It also examines how the fascinating interplay of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs can either propel us towards greatness or hinder our progress on the path to athletic excellence. Whether it is the ironclad focus of a seasoned athlete or the crippling self-doubt that plagues a newcomer, the psychological intricacies at play within the sporting arena are nothing short of mesmerizing. This interdisciplinary approach led to advancements in areas such as exercise psychology, health psychology, and positive psychology.

Sports Psychology

SKU: 9788119365531
  • Author: Jerome Fernandes

    ISBN: 9788119365531



    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 256

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