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In this book it has been discussed that the two different methods of
Lattice Dynamics and Normal Coordinate Analysis of a variety of high
temperature superconductors. The aim was to provide, in the absence
of detailed experimental phonon information on which to base the
dynamical models, a sufficiently general and realistic description of the
lattice dynamics of these compound to be of use for the prediction and
assignment of experimental optic modes and to give a first idea of various
phonon properties, such as phonon dispersion curves, phonon densities
of states and lattice specific heat. Due to lack of direct experimental input
information about the dynamics of high to compounds.

Spectroscopy in Superconductors

SKU: 9788183569125
  • Author: K. Sonamuthu

    ISBN: 9788183569125

    Subject: PHYSICS

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2011

    Reprinted: 2022

    Pages: 160

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