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Introduction of agriculture has attained utmost importance in the culture of human history. Similarly, the transformation of agricultural labourers to non-agricultural sectors is also important. In the history of the process of formation of civilizations, freeing agricultural labourers to trades and crafts occurred with the introduction of irrigation and effective methods of agriculture. Moreover, the resulted in the surplus of food production and which in turn freed a section of agricultural labourers from the very economic activity. But, today, in Kerala, the agricultural production but because of a lot of other reasons. In this context, an analysis on the change of a traditional agricultural labourer is quite important.

Social Change Among the Cultivators

SKU: 9789350560150
  • Author: M.S. Mahendera Kumar

    ISBN: 9789350560150

    Subject: SOCIOLOGY

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2012

    Pages: 116

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