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The concept of lean manufacturing originated from the Toyota Production System and has been widely adopted in various industries, including shipbuilding. Lean manufacturing aims to eliminate waste and streamline operations to achieve maximum productivity. To address these challenges, the book proposes the lean shipbuilding model based on work breakdown and task package scheduling. This model takes into account the specific needs and circumstances of shipbuilding enterprises. Additionally, a matching manufacturing execution system (MES) is developed specifically for small and medium-sized shipbuilding enterprises. The MES improves production management, optimizes the shipbuilding process, and enhances information management capabilities.The book “Shipyard Lean Manufacturing” provides valuable insights and guidance for shipyard operators, managers, and decision-makers who are looking to improve their production processes. By adopting lean manufacturing principles and implementing the suggested methodologies and systems, shipyards can reduce waste, increase efficiency, and enhance their competitiveness in the shipbuilding industry.Designed for shipyard managers, supervisors, engineers, and professionals in the maritime industry, this book offers practical insights and case studies to help the audience implement Lean principles effectively. It is an essential resource for those seeking to improve their shipyard operations and achieve sustainable success in a competitive market.

Shipyard Lean Manufacturing

SKU: 9788119523931
  • Author: Stephan Schwindke

    ISBN: 9788119523931


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 278

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