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Ship handling and manoeuvring refer to the skilful control of a ship while it is in motion, particularly in harbours, around docks, and near piers. It is a highly satisfying ability for any ship handler when executed proficiently. The key aspect of ship handling lies in understanding and predicting how a ship will respond under different circumstances and issuing the appropriate commands to achieve the desired behaviour and movement. It is crucial to constantly monitor the variance between the ship’s heading and its actual direction of movement, particularly at low speeds and in the presence of wind and currents.The purpose of a book on ship handling is to integrate hardware and theory in varying weather and operational conditions. Ship handling cannot be viewed in isolation but must consider numerous factors that influence a successful outcome. While understanding the theoretical aspects is crucial, applying that knowledge in practical scenarios is indispensable. The book aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, equipping ship handlers with the necessary understanding and skills to navigate ships effectively and safely. By combining theoretical knowledge with real-world experience, ship handlers can enhance their abilities and ensure successful ship handling and manoeuvring in diverse conditions.

Ship Handling and Maneuvering

SKU: 9788119523788
  • Author: Edmond Rodrigues

    ISBN: 9788119523788


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 254

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