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Sanitary science is a field of study that focuses on preserving health through the principles of hygiene on an individual level and public health on a communal level. Sanitary engineers are specialists in this field, and their goal is to eliminate or reduce health hazards associated with the supply of water and milk, the collection and disposal of sewage and refuse, and the prevalence of rodents and insects. They are also concerned with conditions of noise, air pollution, and improper food handling that threaten the well-being of the public. Sanitary engineers are responsible for developing methods to safely dispose of radioactive waste material on land and at sea. They work towards creating solutions to improve public health and the environment by ensuring safe and efficient waste management, water supply, and sanitation systems.
This book provides detailed descriptions and illustrative solved problems in the fields of water supply, sanitary, and environmental engineering. The book’s audience includes a broad range of stakeholders, including government agencies, public health officials, environmental organizations, academics, engineers, and manufacturers of sanitation products and technologies.

Sanitary Science

SKU: 9788119205608
  • Author: Sham Nair

    ISBN: 9788119205608

    Subject: ENGINEERING

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 278

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