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Animal breeding is the process of choosing animals with desirable traits to mate, so that those traits can be passed down to their offspring. This is done in order to improve the quality of the animals over time. For livestock, desirable traits might include things like fast growth or high milk
production. In order to make sure that the right animals are being chosen for breeding, scientists use a variety of tools to estimate the genetic value of each animal. This helps them to make informed decisions about which animals will produce the best offspring. This book provides important information about how genetic factors can impact disease resistance in food animals. This book is a great resource for anyone interested in livestock breeding, including scientists, educators, and industry professionals. It offers new insights and strategies that can be used to create more competitive and healthy animal lines.

Principles of Animal Breeding and Genetics

SKU: 9788119205226
  • Author: A. Joseph

    ISBN: 9788119205226


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2023

    Pages: 270

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