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The book "Principles, and Techniques of Silkworm Seed Production" tries to unveil the secrete of seed production suitable for tropical and sub-tropical region. Spread over 10 chapters, the book deals with a plethora of subjects touching all aspects of seed production. The book has a wide coverage on disinfection, seed multiplication, organisation, oviposition, preservation embryogenesis, diapause, heterosis and disease management. Also included are the details on mulberry cultivation for seed crop, soil and fertilizer application, silkworm races, artificial hatching, incubation, metabolic changes during embryogenesis etc. A large number of Tables are also included to explain these aspects. Particular emphasis has been laid on various aspects to produce stable cocoon crop and preventive measures against adverse factors.

Principles and Techniques of Silkworm Seed Production

SKU: 9788171417506
  • Tribhuwan Singh; Beera Saratchandra

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