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Poverty is a multidimensional and complex phenomenon, poverty viewed in terms of capability deprivation, encompasses not only material deprivation (measured by income or consumption) but also other forms of deprivation, such as unemployment, will health and lack of education, vulnerability, power less- ness and social exclusion. Governments have initiated, sustain and refined many programs since independence to help the poor attain self sufficiency in food production. Probably the most important initiative has been the supply of basic commodities, particularly food of controlled prices available through out the country. The Indian experience in post-independence decades has been that government led programs to help the poor do have an impact but or not truth full enough to put the poor development orbit. The urban poor need better conditions for their work, including informal sector, better infrastructure and services including inside the slums and good urban governance to make the local decision process inclusive, participatory, accountable and transparent . Globalization impact will be viewed as positive in the sphere of living standard, job opportunity, high consumption pattern, brotherhood of global level etc., And another hand the impact is likely to be negative, so for as commercialization and advertising blind aping demonstration effects.

Poverty Trends and Challenges

SKU: 9788183569149
  • Author: T. Sankaraiah

    ISBN: 9788183569149

    Subject: SOCIOLOGY

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2011

    Pages: 320

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