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While teaching plant pathology as a lecturer, I felt a need of a book on the diseases of fruits which occurs during storage. Much literature has been published on diseases of cereals, pulses, oil seeds and garden plants etc. The present book is an effort to inculcate and popularise this branch of pathology among the persons who are concerned this discipline. This includes an updated revised of the reported post-harvest fruit diseases. This will be highly beneficial to the students, teachers and researchers to make them familier with the type of post-harvest rots of fruits and sources of its cause. Definitely this will divert a plant pathologist to think off a neglected branch of post-harvest diseases of fruits.

Post-harvest Rots of Fruits

SKU: 9788183561778
  • Author: S. Fatima

    ISBN: 9788183561778

    Subject: FOOD SCIENCE

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2006

    Reprinted: 2020

    Pages: 98

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