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Port security is an issue of increasing importance, given the vital role that maritime zones and ports play in today's global commerce and transportation. Efforts to manage port security are currently led by governmental and non-governmental organizations, which employ various programs to ensure safety. However, the rise of maritime piracy, armed robbery, terrorism, and disruptive technologies has become a growing concern, posing significant threats to global trade and causing damage to coastal habitats. These security challenges have disrupted the maritime sector and necessitate the development of advanced technological solutions to address them effectively.Throughout the book, various categories of potential threats and vulnerabilities are examined. However, it is important to note that each port has its own unique set of threats and vulnerabilities. Therefore, a critical examination of port operations is conducted to identify the specific potential threats and vulnerabilities associated with each port. The intended audience for this book includes policymakers and government officials responsible for maritime security, professionals in the maritime industry, academic researchers specializing in security studies, and anyone interested in understanding the challenges and research priorities in the field of maritime security. By providing a comprehensive analysis of the current state of maritime security and proposing a research agenda, the book aims to guide future efforts in mitigating risks and enhancing the security of ports and maritime zones.

Port Security Technologies

SKU: 9788119523603
  • Author: Sebastian Kunert

    ISBN: 9788119523603


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 260

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