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The audience of this book includes students, researchers, engineers, port operators, and policy makers. For students and researchers, this book serves as a valuable reference, offering a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts and theories of port planning and dredging. Professionals in the field will find this book indispensable, as it covers advanced topics, best practices, and emerging trends. Port operators and policy makers will gain insights into the strategic decision-making processes involved in port development, as well as the environmental and social considerations that underpin sustainable port operations.Throughout, the book explores a wide range of topics, including port layout and design, navigational channel optimization, sediment transport modeling, environmental impact assessment, dredging techniques, project management, and port infrastructure maintenance. It draws from a wealth of practical experiences and case studies from ports around the world, highlighting both successful projects and lessons learned from past mistakes. Additionally, it provides a glimpse into the future of port planning and dredging, considering emerging technologies and trends that are shaping the industry.

Port Planning and Dredging

SKU: 9788119365937
  • Author: Louis Rodrigues

    ISBN: 9788119365937


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 274

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