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The book entitled “Phytomorphology, Taxonomy and Anatomy-MCQs” has been specially designed for the students of all the Universities of the World appearing for competitive examinations for admission purpose in higher class or to get a job. The book is especially useful for the students appearing for SET, NET, NEET, JRF, GATE, MPSC, UPSC, PET examination. The book is a condensed knowledge of complete Plant Morphology (External features of plant, root & its modification, stem & its modifications, leaf shape, leaf margin, apex, leaf base, leaf venation, phyllotaxy, leaf surface, typical flower structure, calyx & its modification, corolla, forms of corolla, Androecium, Gynoecium, Aestivation, Placentation, ovule and seed), Taxonomy (History & Classification of taxonomy, Advanced discoveries in Taxonomy, Modern trends in Taxonomy, Origin of angiosperms, Taxonomic heirachy, Dicot and Monocot, and Plant families) and Anatomy (types of tissue, function of tissue, dicot and monocot, root, stem and leaf anatomy).

Phytomorphology, Taxonomy and Anatomy - Mcqs

SKU: 9789388854658
  • Author: Sumia Fatima

    ISBN: 9789388854658

    Subject: BOTANY

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2021

    Pages: 232

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