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Philosophy of Education is a systematic reflection upon the variety of activities and practices by which we seek to impart knowledge and information and develop human capacities. This book is designed to emphasize how philosophical ideas about education developed over a considerable period and address how historical influences, settings, and ideas have influenced and continue to have relevance for education and life today. In this book, emphasis was placed on helping students to develop ideas about education and provide tools to use in thinking about issues on education. The study of philosophical theories will assist in understanding the source of many popular opinions and perceptions regarding education. This book is also founded on the view that philosophy is not only an academic discipline but also a way of life. For young and adult readers, this simplified book of Philosophy of Education shall help well. This book provides a background to the nature of philosophy and its purpose in the process of education. It brings into focus various insights that have characterized developments in educational theory and practice through the ages. This book has been mainly designed to serve the requirements of the students of BEd, MEd, BA Education, MA Education and PhD Education programmes

Philosophy of Education

SKU: 9788195916917
  • Author: Ismail Thamarasseri

    ISBN: 9788195916917


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2023

    Pages: 362

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