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Organic agriculture is an environmentally conscious farming method that is gaining popularity worldwide due to increasing demand for sustainability. Despite producing lower yields compared to conventional farming, organic farms are more profitable, beneficial for pollinators and the environment, and offer equally or more nutritious foods with fewer pesticide residues. This book aims to address this knowledge gap by covering the principles and practices of organic agriculture and food systems. It emphasizes ecological processes, biodiversity, and cycles that are adapted to local conditions, instead of relying on inputs that have adverse effects. It also combines traditional knowledge, innovative techniques, and scientific insights to promote a shared environment, fair relationships, and a high quality of life for all stakeholders involved in organic agriculture.This book will serve as valuable guide for researchers, academics, and practitioners in the field of organic agriculture and sustainable food systems. It is relevant to individuals and organizations involved in organic farming, environmental conservation, and food production. Also, policymakers, government agencies, and NGOs interested in promoting sustainable agricultural practices will find the book informative and valuable

Organic Agriculture

SKU: 9788119523566
  • Author: Sabine Kress

    ISBN: 9788119523566


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 256

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