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India has made a phenomenal growth in silk production both horizontal and vertical through planned approaches and emerged as the second largest producer of silk in the World. Mulberry, the only feed of domestic silkworm, Bombyx mori (L) is extensively cultivated under varied agro-climatic conditions and is venerable to various pests and diseases which together cause considerable loss to silk industry by affecting leaf and cocoon production besides deteriorating its quality.
There is no updated compendium besides accumulated information which relates to various strategies for the prevention and control of pests and diseases of mulberry. The book �Mulberry Crop Protection � Concepts & Approaches" tries to motivate and assist in its efforts to unveil secrete of the existing various problems and to prevent and control them to increase production, productivity and quality of cocoons. Spread over four chapters, the book deals with almost all aspects of prevention and control of pests and diseases in mulberry. The book has wide coverage on taxonomic position, causal agents and incidence of occurrence, biology, prevention and control measures of all major and minor pests and diseases of mulberry causing considerable damage to mulberry plantation. Also included are list of banned bio-pesticides besides methodology for forecasting on the occurrence of pests and diseases. Whenever necessary, tables are also included to explain these aspects. Particular emphasis has been laid and discussed in detail on the various aspects of prevention and control of pests and diseases to produce better quality and higher quantity of mulberry leaf to harvest stable cocoon crop with better yield.
The book is designed to address wide range of readers, experts, university teachers, students, researchers, technologists, policy makers and fulfill the hopes and aspirations of all those engaged in sericulture. The information furnished in this book will be of immense importance not only to Indian sericulture but also to South Asian and African countries and will find an application at all levels of sericulture. A reliable guide and lovable compilation, this book is sure to appeal to all those associated directly or indirectly with sericulture industry.

Mulberry Crop Protection - (Concepts and Approaches)

SKU: 9789350562840
  • Tribhuwan Singh

    Pramod Kumar Singh

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