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Mineral geology is a branch of geology that focuses on the study of minerals, their properties, formation processes, and distribution in the Earth’s crust. It plays a crucial role in understanding the origin, composition, and economic potential of mineral resources. Mineral geologists examine the physical and chemical characteristics of minerals, investigate their occurrence in various geological settings, and analyze their geological significance.This includes implementing efficient extraction methods, minimizing the environmental footprint of mining operations, and ensuring the proper management and reclamation of mining sites.
“Mineral Geology” is a highly informative and up-to-date book that explores the intricacies of minerals and their geological significance. With its diverse range of authors, encompassing global experts in the field, the book offers a comprehensive overview of mineral formation, properties, and distribution. Whether for professionals, researchers, or students, this book serves as an essential resource, providing a wealth of knowledge on the subject and highlighting the current trends and advancements in mineral geology.

Mineral Geology

SKU: 9788119523306
  • Author: Claude Corda

    ISBN: 9788119523306


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 258

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