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The book “Marine Engineering Technology” serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals interested in this field. It brings together contributions from experts around the world, covering a range of themes that engineers need to be familiar with. The book not only provides valuable knowledge for practicing marine engineers but also serves as an introduction for those who wish to delve deeper into specific topics.“Marine Engineering Technology” explores power cycles in detail, explaining the underlying principles and methods employed to convert fossil fuel energy into usable power. It also discusses the selection and operation of major components and support systems within the power cycle. By offering a comprehensive overview, the book equips readers with a solid foundation to understand the complexities of marine engineering.Moreover, “Marine Engineering Technology” acts as a teaser, enticing readers to explore different themes within marine engineering in greater depth. It serves as a starting point for further study and research, encouraging individuals to expand their knowledge and expertise in specific areas of interest.

Marine Engineering Technology

SKU: 9788119365883
  • Author: Rujay Noronha

    ISBN: 9788119365883


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 240

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