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The book explores the findings of field studies that investigate the physical environment, ecological interactions, and life history strategies of marine macrophytes. These studies shed light on the biomechanical aspects that are crucial for the success of these organisms in different types of natural habitats. By understanding these biomechanical principles, researchers can design laboratory experiments that accurately simulate the ecological conditions and study the functional mechanics of marine plants.One significant aspect highlighted in the book is the wide range of water flow conditions found in marine habitats. These flow microhabitats vary in temporal and spatial scales, creating diverse and dynamic environments within the same site. Accordingly, macrophytes must adapt to the varying physical challenges posed by these flow conditions throughout their life stages. The book investigates the changes in size, shape, and tissue material properties that macrophytes undergo as they grow and age, providing insights into how these adaptations aid in their survival

Marine Biomechanics

SKU: 9788119523399
  • Author: Kim Berg

    ISBN: 9788119523399



    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 252

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