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Machine elements is a field of engineering that focuses on the design and analysis of mechanical components such as gears, bearings, clutches, and springs. These components are used to build various mechanical products and systems. Designing and engineering mechanical systems is a complex task that is often supported by computer-oriented technologies. This book discusses the latest advancements in fundamental theories, computational techniques, and specialized 3D printing hardware and materials. These technologies can be used to replace or redesign conventional machine elements in maintenance engineering, or to develop new mechanical design concepts for critical subsystems or devices that require less assembly and component integration. Experimental testing at the material, element, and system levels is also covered, as are engineering use case studies. This book is a valuable resource for researchers, engineers, and students interested in the application of additive manufacturing to machine elements and mechanical device design.

Machine Elements

SKU: 9788119205691
  • Author: Samual Rodrigues

    ISBN: 9788119205691


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 252

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