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History is like the foundation of all sciences because it provides a crucial understanding of how knowledge originated, the questions it aimed to answer, and the purposes it served. Just as any knowledge loses its scientific character when its origins and context are forgotten, the same applies to the study of history itself.The book entitled “History of Quantum Mechanics” offers a historical account of the development of quantum mechanics, shedding light on the contributions of notable physicists and their philosophical perspectives. It summarizes the evolution of quantum theory, emphasizing the roles played by Planck, Einstein, Schrödinger, and Heisenberg. The book also highlights the ingenious experiments that propelled the advancement of quantum mechanics. Additionally, it briefly touches upon the ideas and concepts that emerged during discussions on the foundations of quantum mechanics, which later paved the way for the field of Quantum Information Science and Technology.This comprehensive book offers an enthralling odyssey into the captivating field of heat and chemical processes. By elucidating fundamental principles, exploring practical applications, and emphasizing the impact of these processes on our daily lives, it serves as an invaluable companion for students, educators, and professionals. 

History of Quantum Mechanics

SKU: 9788119365357
  • Author: Omid Delfi

    ISBN: 9788119365357


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 258

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