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The importance of the world's environmental problems need not be stressed. However, it should be pointed out that any approach toward coping with these problems cannot depend merely on emotional appeals to the mankind or on isolated activities in any technological, scientific or social field. The only hope lies in concerted activities of all the departments of the human society, under the guidance of sober, rational thinking. Natural sciences occupy one of the most important places in this respect and chemistry significantly contributes both to the understanding of the environmental processes and to the technologies for environmental cleaning. Electrochemical processes can be utilised technologically for removal of pollutants from various environmental matrices. The articles appearing in this publication are related to theoretical and practical problems of environmental electrochemistry. This publication links electrochemistry with environmental protection. This research results will help scientists and people to solve many environmental problems . and to protect environment.

Electrochemistry for Environmental Protection

SKU: 9788171416196
  • D.B. Rao
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