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Imparting knowledge is one thing and measuring the same is another. Similarly, perfect teaching is one thing and evaluating the learners is another. In fact, for measurement and evaluation of the level of knowledge of learners requires a particular acumen and a different skills. In today's educational world, the scholars have accorded the status of an art to the capability of an educator or teacher, which he or she possesses and exhibits in testing and ranking his or her pupils at various intervals of time. Now, we find expert evaluators and examiners, who specialise in conducting different tests and examinations. In fact, all teachers, should master this skill. However, this is a new stream, which demands flawless methods and techniques for carrying out the exercises, known as Evaluation and Measurement.
In this context, we need particular books on the subject-Educational Measurement and Evaluation. One such book is here, which is comprehensive and exclusive, by all means. It would certainly be equally beneficial for teachers of today and as well as, teachers of tomorrow.

Educational Measurement and Evaluation

SKU: 9788171418596
  • J.S. Rani
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