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Education in India is marching ahead in all sectors of education due to the effective efforts of governments and the diversified educational interests of the students. A large number of students study different educational courses according to their interests, though there are other aspirations and pressures from their parents, peers and public.
Educational interests of students play a crucial role in selecting and studying suitable courses. Identifying the very role of educational interests in the academic career of students, this small study has been undertaken to identify the educational interests of secondary school students. This study has identified several educational interests of students that play a pivotal role in getting the desired education.
The results of this study will help the students in selecting a course of his interest, the parents in admitting their children in desired courses, the planners in starting the courses of student interest, and the administrators in managing the courses as per the student interests.

Educational Interests of School Students

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  • D.B. Rao
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