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Every Student will have some or other Educational Aspirations and Scientific Attitudes as they influence the educational/occupational choices and personality. Keeping this in view, a study was conducted to study the level of educational aspirations and scientific attitudes possessed by the urban secondary and senior secondary students.
The educational aspirations are high and distributed normally in the sample students. Though the sample is holding high scientific attitudes they are not normally distributed. The two traits are independently distributed in the sample without having any influence on one another. Though the scientific attitudes are distributed equally in either sex, the boys are holding high educational aspirations than their counter parts. Age, level of schooling, and medium of instruction are not influencing either of the traits, the educational aspirations and scientific attitudes.
This book will be of great use to science educators, researchers, teachers and parents in moulding the children, the future citizens of the enlightened society.

Educational Aspirations and Scientific Attitudes

SKU: 9788171415557
  • K.D. Rani
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