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Islam is the only religion, under the sun, which encompasses a whole of the life of man in this
world and the world hereafter. Complete as per the natural needs of man, Islam was introduced
in this world, over one thousand and four hundred years ago. Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), who
is the last and final prophet in the line of about one lakh and twenty-four thousand prophets,
and messengers, was endowed with the Holy Quran by Allah, the Almighty for the benefit of
mankind, in general. Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) was sent to this world as mercy for all the
worlds ? Rahmat-ul-lil-Aalamin. The period when Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) came to this
world was very much under the blanket of ignorance and inhuman practices. Idol-worship was
rampant and there were numerous idols of gods in Mecca and the surrounding areas. With the
arrival of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) on the scene, a sea change came in the world of Arabs.
And gradually, an Islamic culture came on the scene.

Education in Islamic Culture

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  • A.A. Khan
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