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A nation is made of citizens, and the citizens are moulded and groomed through education. In fact, education, alone determines the destiny of any country, nation, community or society.
Education has come a long way in India. With the changing trends and circumstances, the reforms were carried out in the system, from time to time. The British moulded the system into a perfect one and later, the Government of India shaped it to match the West. Today, India has become the destination of aspiring students from many a country in the world.
In 1947, a new education policy was formulated, in accordance with the aspirations of the countrymen.
Now, Education for All has turned into a movement and it is a major thrust area in our national planning on education.
No doubt, there are a number of books, stacked in libraries, on the subject but, it is genuinely felt that there always remains a dearth of comprehensive works on education.
Hopefully, this effort would fill the room for an exclusive book on Education in India, as in institution.

Education in India

SKU: 9788171418589
  • V.V. Rao
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