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Literacy for learning society is an indispensable component of human resource development. It is an essential tool for communication and for acquiring and sharing the knowledge and information for the development of individual as well as nation. With regard to national development, there should be social, cultural, economic, health, welfare, scientific and technological development too. Now, the basic aim is to awaken the consciousness of men and women and make them aware of their own roles and responsibilities, and launching of programmes is a good sign. Literacy and Educational activities, no doubt, transform the society towards progress.
The book comprehensively deals with aspects of education and society. This work is considered to be very useful to research scholars, studies and faculty in education, adult education, sociology, social work and environmental sciences. This book is a good resource book for teacher educators and educational experts.

Education and Society

SKU: 9788183560795
  • Y. Bhaskaracharyulu
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