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Contents: Promotion of Higher Education in Research, Will Education Go to Market? Corporate Ambitions in Education, Private Education: The Poor?s Best Chance?, For a Broader Approach to Education, Wiring up the Ivory Towers, Population Growth and Education, Violence in Schools: A World Wide Affair, Helping Your Child Learn, Beyond Economics, Population Growth and Jobs, Employment and Poverty Alleviation, Solving the Unemployment Problem by Looking Beyond the Job, Technological Entrepreneurship: The New Force for Economic Growth, Challenging Traditional Economic Growth, Can Economic Growth Reduce Poverty, High World Trade Growth Vs. Output: WTO Sees Link to Globalisation, What?s Driving Migration, Income Gap Widens, Policy Researchers and Policy Makers: Never the Twain Shall Meet? Crisis Prevention: Can Better Development Planning Lesson the Toll of Civil Emergencies and Natural Disasters? Money Alone is Not Enough: Technology Transfer and Environmental Protection, Population Growth and Income, Taxation System in Developing Countries, Population Growth and Housing, Opening Markets for Agriculture, Is Copyright on the Wrong Track? For a Fair Sharing of Time, Richer or Poorer?

Education and Human Resource Development

SKU: 9788171419289
  • M.L. Narasaiah
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