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This book of readings in the literature of the economics of education attempt to address various economic analyses as applied to broad educational contexts and may properly serve several purposes.
1. The selections included in this book can demonstrate the range of subject matter that bears upon students of M.A. Education/M.Ed/B.Ed, economics of education, the work of educational planners and managers, and other personnel of the teacher educational institutions, such as DIET, IASE, SCERT, NCERT.
2. The book can serve to display points of discussions in the field, and the selection can offer coverage of topics in the field. In making the selections, the authors have used their experiences of teaching the subject matter and consulted various resource materials in the area.
3. This book has been prepared keeping in view of the recently revised syllabus of M.A. Education w.e.f 2005-07 batch of Andhra University.

Economics of Education

SKU: 9789350565902
  • G. Latchanna
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