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The present title Economic Zoology deals I with the animals which are very useful to mankind and also those causing great loss to the economy of man. Though each and every individual has its own importance in nature but a few of them are getting too much importance. Fisheries, Sericulture, Apiculture and Lac culture have already established their great economical and commercial values. The book contains well illustrated line diagrams which can be of great use in identifying the insects, fishes and other animals too. It has been the constant endeavour to furnish maximum and latest informations.
The present title is designed primarily for undergraduate students though it may also serve an introductory text to those preparing for their master's degree. The title is not intended to be comprehensive, nor could it be at this length, but it concentrates on putting across the basic principles of the subject as briefly and lucidly as possible. It does this with the aid of carefully selected examples, some recent and other classic of the field and with numerous illustrations.

Economic Zoology

SKU: 9788171417131
  • Manju Yadav
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