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While going through the past literature on the subject, it is also clearly noted that some scholars did attempt examination of the impact of economic reforms on the employment/unemployment situation in India (Visaria, 2002, Sen, 1996, 2002, Sundaram, 2001, Dutt 2001, Bandyopathyay and Giri 2001, Chadha 2001; Chandra and Sahu 2002). An attempt has been made to analyse the objective of understanding the magnitude and growth of rural unemployment in India during the pre and post economic reforms periods. This comparison of rural unemployment levels and their growth rates for the periods would facilitate assessing the effect of the economic reforms on unemployment situation.
In this context, a national level seminar on Economic Reforms and Labour Market was organised in our institute. The selected papers presented in the seminar are edited as a book. This work contains 33 contributors of eminent writers including one write up of the editor. This volume examines the impact of economic reforms on the employment level in rural India and the issues like economic reforms, effects of the New Economic Policy, Employment and Unemployment level, Role of the  institutions on employment generation. Human Resource Development, Entrepreneurship Development Programme, etc.
Undoubtedly, the book will be immensely beneficial to the administrators, policy makers, planners and researches.

Economic Reforms and Employment

SKU: 9788171419791
  • M. Soundarapandian
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