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Nature is fragile and we have no rights to spoil the natural surroundings of tourist place. The materialistic people believe in the power of money but they should realise that one day when there will be no food to eat and no water to drink, only then men will realise that one can?t eat money.
The short-sighted man for personal gains has played havoc with natural eco-system. Now, this is the time to arise and awake and save the world from further destruction. The eco-tourism has been promoted by Government and NGOs for all these purposes. India has big potential market for eco-tourist and various states governments are implementing various attractive schemes to woo eco-tourists. If you are interested to know more, turn the pages of this book for further information. Simple and flawless language is the hallmark of this book.


SKU: 9788183568876
  • Jack Randall
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