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This book is written on the basis of study conducted on a field experiments in rabi seasons. The three major aspects have been covered in this book i.e. (i) Role of KSB and Trichoderma asperellum on baby corn on yield, quality parameter, microbial population and biomass carbon of soil, soil health after harvest and economics of baby corn etc., (ii) status of potassium in soil and (iii) residual effects of Potassium on moongbean. The trial consisting of Agrobacterium, Flavobacterium, Rhizobium and fungal strain of Trichoderma and four fertility levels was laid out in a split plot design with 4 replication by keeping fertility levels in the main plot and strains in the subplot.

Eco-friendly Production of Baby Corn and Moongbean

SKU: 9789388854542
  • Ekta Kumari
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