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This book is a comprehensive study of India's imports sector during the period 1986-87 to
2005-06. The book analyses the growth pattern and structure of India's imports. It studies
the determinants of aggregate imports as well as of major categories of imports. The demand
for imports is influenced by many factors, including size, growth pattern of population, relative
prices, rate of capital formation, growth rate of GNP and growth of export earnings. This
book estimates import demand functions for India's total imports as well as for some of its
major categories and derives important policy recommendations related to import demand
determinants. The relationship between import and growth can be investigated with the help
of causality analysis. The book analyses causal relationship for total imports and also for
some of the major categories of imports with GDP at factor cost. Apart from income variable,
the causality analysis has been extended to cover the impact of domestic production on
major categories of imports.

Dynamic of India's Imports

SKU: 9788183568869
  • Neena Malhotra
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